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Chef’s Specialties (dining menu)

Sajna Special

Selection from tandoori dishes, including slice of chicken and lamb tikka, poneer tikka, king prawn cooked in Special spices and served with sauce


Shashlik Bhuna ( Chicken or Lamb )

Chicken or Lamb tikka pieces cooked with spices, barbecued tomato, onions and capsicum served with medium spicy thick sauce



Slice of chicken tikka pieces cooked with spices herbs onion and capsicum


Monk Fish Special Massala

Monk fish ( boneless ) deep fried and cooked with aromatic spices, onion, cashew nuts, touch of cream and herbs and green peas in a special spicy thick sauce


Murug Mossallam

Tandoori chicken ( on the bone )and mince meat cooked with ginger, garlic, onion, capsicum, tomato served with whole egg in a medium spice thick sauce


Tandoori Makhon Chicken / Butter Chicken

Stipped from tandoori chicken cooked with aromatic spices, ground cashew nuts, butter, coconut milk and touch of cream and herbs in a special thick creamy sauce.


Hari Mirchi Mossalla

Chicken or Lamb |  Prawn | Monk Fish | King Prawn 

Cooked with spices, chilli pickle, fresh green chillies, capsicum, onion, tomato and served with thick sauce.


Sajna Special Biryani

a preparation of rice and Mixture of chicken, lamb and a king prawn with spice and garnished with tomato, egg and served with mixed vegetable curry.


Sizzling ( Chicken | Lamb | Monk Fish  )

Pan-fried chicken or lamb or Monk Fish with lemon, corn flour and egg cooked with aromatic spices, capsicum, onion cashew nut and chat massalla and served in a sizzling dish with onion and capsicum.


Garlic Chicken

Cooked with spices, onion, capsicum tomato, garlic based medium spicy thick sauce.


Keema Motor

Mincemeat cooked with spices, fresh green chili, peas in a thick sauce.


Sag Keema

Mincemeat cooked with spices, fresh green chili, spinach serve in a thick sauce.


Chicken Bombai Morice

Cooked with spices, onion, capsicum, tomato and Naga pickle based very hot spicy sauce.


Kashmiri Chicken

Chicken and fruits cooked with cashew nuts, saffron, cream and spices in a mild sauce.


Kashmiri Aloo dom

Boiled baby potatoes fruits cooked with cashew nuts, saffron, cream and spices in a mild sauce.


Poneer Butter Mossalla

Poneer fried and cooked with cashew nuts, saffron, cream and spices in a mild sauce.


Prawn Malai Curry

Prawn tossed in butter, Garlic, Ginger and cooked with Cashew nuts, cream, flavored with cinnamon, cloves cardamom and coconut milk.