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Chef’s Specialties (takeaway menu)

Sajna Special

Selection from tandoori dishes, including slice of chicken and lamb tikka, poneer tikka, king prawn cooked in Special spices and served with sauce £13.25


Shashlik Bhuna ( Chicken or Lamb )

Chicken or Lamb tikka pieces cooked with spices, barbecued tomato, onions and capsicum served with medium spicy thick sauce £8.85



Slice of chicken tikka pieces cooked with spices herbs onion and capsicum £9.15


Monk Fish Special Massala

Monk fish ( boneless ) deep fried and cooked with aromatic spices, onion, cashew nuts, touch of cream and herbs and green peas in a special spicy thick sauce £10.50


Murug Mossallam

Tandoori chicken ( on the bone )and mince meat cooked with ginger, garlic, onion, capsicum, tomato served with whole egg in a medium spice thick sauce £10.95


Tandoori Makhon Chicken / Butter Chicken

Stipped from tandoori chicken cooked with aromatic spices, ground cashew nuts, butter, coconut milk and touch of cream and herbs in a special thick creamy sauce.£8.85


Hari Mirchi Mossalla

Chicken or Lamb – £8.95 Prawn – £8.95 Monk Fish – £10.25 King Prawn – £13.25

Cooked with spices, chilli pickle, fresh green chillies, capsicum, onion, tomato and served with thick sauce.


Sajna Special Biryani

a preparation of rice and Mixture of chicken, lamb and a king prawn with spice and garnished with tomato, egg and served with mixed vegetable curry.£10.50


Sizzling ( Chicken or Lamb – £9.50 Monk Fish – £10.75 )

Pan fried chicken or lamb or Monk Fish with lemon, corn flour and egg cooked with aromatic spices, capsicum, onion cashew nut and chat massalla and served in a sizzling dish with onion and capsicum.


Garlic Chicken

Cooked with spices, onion, capsicum tomato, garlic based medium spicy thick sauce. £8.35


Keema Motor

Mincemeat cooked with spices, fresh green chili, peas in a thick sauce £8.35


Sag Keema

Mincemeat cooked with spices, fresh green chili, spinach serve in a thick sauce £8.50


Chicken Bombai Morice

Cooked with spices, onion, capsicum, tomato and Naga pickle based very hot spicy sauce £8.50


Kashmiri Chicken

Chicken and fruits cooked with cashew nuts, saffron, cream and spices in a mild sauce £8.85


Kashmiri Aloo dom

Boiled baby potatoes fruitscooked with cashew nuts, saffron, cream and spices in a mild sauce £7.75


Poneer Butter Mossalla

Poneer fried and cooked with cashew nuts, saffron, cream and spices in a mild sauce £7.75


Malai Curry ( Prawn – £9.25 King Prawn – £13.25 )

Prawn tossed in butter, Garlic, Ginger and cooked with Cashew nuts, cream, flavored with cinnamon, cloves cardamom and coconut milk